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Partners | PointZero Casa



Cerámicas Aparici S.A. produces and commercializes ceramic wall and floor tiles and porcelain tiles to the national and international market.

The ceramic company is managed in Alcora ( Castellón de la Plana ) in 1961, the place where the fabrication of tiles is already, a tradition associated with its culture.

In its business growth, Cerámicas Aparici stands out for being one of the pioneer companies to launch to the market the floor tiles.

At the moment, the facilities of Cerámicas Aparici possesses a productive capacity that reaches the 14.500.000 square meters a year and a total of 280.000 square meters. View producer website

Atlas Concorde

The factory was established in 1969. All products are used in a wide range.

The variety products of Atlas Concorde are suitable for flats, small offices, and bathrooms of hotels, and give solution for commercial projects. View producer website


Apavisa porcelanico, is the foremost manufacturer in the production and commercialization of high-technical porcelain. The plant location of apavisa porcelanico merges the ability of its highly technically qualified staff and the most advanced technology in a plant surface area of over 200,000 sqm.

With representatives in more that 90 countries, apavisa offers the global market a constantly appropriate and accurate reponse, as well as a product that gives professionals and consumers the confidence that every major project needs.

The products of Apavisa provide confidence in all of our collections. They provide the highest quality, excellent technical characteristics and decorative benefits. The only limitation is your own imagination. This has allowed apavisa to carry out more than 3000 large projects around the world only during the last year. View producer website


Flaminia produces unique sanitaryware since 1954.

Its basins, toilets, bidets, and the different accessories are unique products. All products of Flaminia sanitaryware are created by famous designers and professionals. The colour range contains different colour shades besides the ordinary colours.

It is easy to fall in love with Flaminia since it has high-standard designed products containing good technical solutions.One of the great solutions contains shower tray with basin established under the floor line and its surface covered with ceramics.

Also, Flamina has unique faucets which perfectly match the sanitaryware. Flaminia is the perfect choice for people who would like to purchase an unusual and unique piece of sanitaryware at an accessible price. View producer website


The Danish Junckers is one Europe’s largest manufacturers of solid hardwood floors; the company's primary goal is to produce top quality products on the basis of an ongoing dialogue with architects, builders, contractors and owners, this is the reason why it is not very well-known. However Junckers is popular because of its solid hardwood floors also thanks to the very favourable prices.

Under the proper circumstances the half-raw timber that is stored air-dry, is processed after sufficient conditioning. The manufacture works with trees of the temperate zone, the different natural, marinate, oiled and surface treated boards are created from these species.

This company is one of those that offer their wood covers also on surfaces with floor heating. Please contact us for further information in the earliest phase of installation on special knowledge of Junckers hardwood floors that are a little thicker than usual. View producer website

Casa Dolce Casa

Casa Dolce Casa is a young Italian company that has chosen quality and creativity as its distinguishing features.

Established in 1994 at Fiorano Modenese, Casa Dolce Casa (Italian for home sweet home) set its goal at creating products with a natural appearance and an innovative use of colour.

In 2005 Casa Dolce Casa became part of Florim Ceramiche S.p.A., a world-leading company in the ceramic industry View producer website


LAMINAM is not only a company but a revolutionary product as well.

The 3mm thick Italian stone-ceramic manufacturer known as Laminam, is one of the leaders of the market. It is the first ever large format slab (100x300 cm) with a thickness of just 3mm: an aesthetically innovative surface with exceptional technical performance; a real skin for contemporary architecture, an epochal innovation that has revolutionised the way of dressing spaces and volumes. LAMINAM slabs can also be applied on curved or rounded walls with a 5 m radius of curvature. The slabs are created with natural materials such as quarry clays, granite rocks and ceramic pigments. .

Laminam is available in a wide range of colours with constantly elaborated graphics applied to the surface, ideal to satisfy even the most demanding and refined creative and project requirements.

Laminam Medica is easily sanitised, resistant to mechanical stress and chemical attacks making it the ideal solution for healthcare and hospital building projects: thanks to the large formats of the slabs which reduce the number of joints and to the technical specifications, the slabs are suitable to cover floors and walls in hospitals and surgeries.

The advanced technology adopted to produce the slabs, makes them easy to clean and sanitise and resistant to frost, fire, mould and UV rays without altering colour, specifications and properties. Laminam is the first graffiti proof ceramic surface; it is easy to clean and even the strongest paint can be easily removed. View producer website


This Italian ceramic manufacturer has a wide range of slabs to choose from. Within Workshop collection there is Fabrics, a revolutionary new type of porcelain stoneware which is a perfect imitation of the appearance and structure of fabric; there are no limits to its creativity. Its sophisticated design is ideal for floorings, coverings and ventilated walls, and makes porcelain stoneware finally fashionable.

In both segments, commercial and public Mirage has a well-known name. Its slabs has the best quality and all collections mean solution for any type of surface e.g. facade or just private bathroom covering. In order to help create a proper design culture, Mirage has developed Easyway, a flooring concept that incorporates guided routes for the visually impaired, in order to make it safer for them to navigate their way around both open spaces and the interior of public buildings.

Easyway enables visually impaired users to perceive information regarding direction and spatial orientation through their feet, their hands (their stick), their ear (the different noises the stick makes on contact with the ground), differences in colour (for those with some residual vision); these features take on particular importance where other points of reference are lacking.

Mirage is recommended to all who wants high quality and well-designed ceramic slabs in one piece. View producer website


The Italian Mosaico+ mosaic manufacture offers a very lively, creative scale of products. We can find in their range the totally homogeneous, the different shirred, mixed textured glass mosaics, metal mosaics and the fantastic compound of these – the latter one is the specialty of the company. The dizzying effects of Mosaico+ are provided by the glass set on a metal sheet basis, they look like enamel tiles.

All the mosaic pieces are like little jewelry. The incredible clear, full colors and the shiny metal sheet as their background give the feeling as if we were looking at its inner fire in flames. The use of full colors is typical of factory, however specialty in the glass industry, their deep red tones are especially unique.

The company also makes special mixtures; on their website we can mix mosaics freely with the help of a creative web application. Mosaico+ is the ideal decision for all our commercial or residential customers who seek a special mosaic with unique effects at a highly competitive price. View producer website


Dictator of fashion among the ceramic slabs

Rex ceramic factory was established in 1964 in Fiorano. The philosophy of Rex is producing ceramics with high quality and unique design. Rex as a brand name means exactitude with stylish appearance.

The company is way ahead of its competition on this hectic market. Rex is a key player on the market and has high-end stoneware collection onto floor and wall covering and in addition has variety of decor supply. Including in our service we create a covering concept and plan to our client for free. View producer website

Petra Cer's

Life, breath, memories, images, loves, wishes, our vision includes them all from above. Our liking to create comes from here... and when ispiration is the main engine you can see things beyond what they are by keep trying, seeking and re-arranging to find new meanings. Further key issues are coherence and loyality to our main vision that leads us in the search for the best materials and technical features with no compromise. View producer website


The Ragno brand is one of the historic protagonists of the growth and success of the Italian ceramic tile industry all over the world.

The Ragno offering features clearly defined, reliable solutions, with the ability to last over time and yet constantly evolving and renewing with consumers' tastes: from porcelain to white-body single-fired materials and glass mosaic, for indoor and outdoor floor and wall coverings. Ragno offers a complete, increasingly “specialised” range, which dialogues with the world of architectural design by means of modular, flexible solutions for covering the universe of the home and much, much more. View producer website


Gazzotti is the leading company in the production of traditional and pre-finished parquet flooring established in 1919 by Leonello Gazzotti. Since then it has been a very important reference for the sector.

Since its establishment Gazzotti company has undertaken the production of wood floors and has become the favourite supplier of the Royal Family.

Since that time, technology has become more and more sophisticated: in line with new interior furnishing styles, Gazzotti parquet has embraced new types of wood, new sizes, compositions, processing and laying technologies. Nevertheless, the heart of the matter, the rigorous attention to quality in the selection of the wood and its processing, has remained unchanged. View producer website

STP Insca

STP offers a unique material whose characteristics and effects. Various essences modulated in a variety of formats: Strips contemporary flavored particular formats that allow special placement and original combinations, available in different thicknesses to facilitate restructuring. View producer website

Fima Carlo Frattini

At Fima Carlo Frattini, the drive to innovate translates into expertise, research, and assistance during the design and creative stages. the fima research centre, a dynamic blend of experimentation and technology, is open to any new developments in the sector regarding processing systems, finishes, optimisation of resources and eco-sustainability. View producer website


Nothing changes more than water, nothing is more indefinable than desire. Teuco knows that the needs of those who love to pamper themselves and recharge their batteries in water are ever-changing. That is why it has learned to mould shapes and technologies to turn every bathroom into a unique, highly personal space. Its aptitude for research has led Teuco to devise an extraordinary material such as Duralight®, a generous service like Unlimited, the three patented systems, Hydroline, Hydrosilence®, Hydrosonic® and the first Turkish bath in an enclosure. So Teuco does not merely stand for beauty and design, but most of all for flexibility, innovation and safety. To cater to the needs of those who want the most from water.

The company was established with the purpose of adding ground-breaking solutions and precious materials to the shower industry, aiming at the highest quality and aesthetics.

What makes Calibe enclosures unique, unparalleled and top-quality is our use of prestigious materials such as stainless steel - having almost unlimited duration over time – and 8 mm toughened glass that also comes tinted, extra clear, mirror or matt, as well as our made-to-measure service that perfectly meets any customer’s demand. View producer website


2006. Magis has presented twenty-one new products at the Milan Furniture Fair, perhaps the best annual harvest that Magis has ever reaped in its 30-year existence, concluding a three-year design cycle. Of these, the chair 'First' by Stefano Giovannoni needs to be mentioned. Chair First's name comes from it being the first example of a chair made by air moulding in which the emptying of the frame is not simply applied to the volumes with a small tubular section, but throughout the extensive and complex volumes of the chair and its backrest. View producer website


Bisazza is one of the top luxury brands in the design sector and the industry’s leading producer of glass mosaic for interior and exterior decoration. Established in 1956 in Alte Vicenza, Northern Italy, the company has become a trailblazer, marked by a dynamic entrepreneurial sprit, a mastery of modern technologies with an ability to read and anticipate the needs of the global market View producer website


Far from the noise and from the extreme, Verzelloni plays an elegant and reflexive style, careful to contemporary needs. Verzelloni “pieces” quietly characterize surroundings, they transform them in a comfortable moment, all to live. View producer website


IRSAP is a company that has made innovative research its history and its present. It is a mark that guarantees quality in the radiator. A quality arises from extensive experience in domestic heating and a coherent route that brought the Company to maximum levels in Italy and abroad.

The continuous evolution that has always distinguished IRSAP technology applied to production processes and product, developed in recent years towards aesthetics, bringing added value with hard objects were perceived as part of a home setting, combining perfect function the shape.

Improving the quality of life in every type of environment with products, systems and innovative services heating, air conditioning and air treatment, paying full attention to the needs of people and respecting the environment, this is the mission IRSAP.

View producer website


Cordivari Design: a brand that leads to the crowning artistic research way of Cordivari. This conception explores the sphere of emotions and affectivity: searching of passions and feelings that are reflected in the housing where every object and every element are expression of everyone own’s personality.

The thermal sculptures become protagonists of contemporary living, exclusive interior furnishings that give stye and elegance to every type of furniture.

View producer website

Tubes Radiatori

Tubes Radiatori was set up in 1994 based on a thirty year experience that its founders had acquired in the field of plumbing and heating systems. The company soon became renowned for its radiators and towel warmers that provided additional value in terms of design and technology. The essence of our corporate philosophy hinges on providing products with unique features aimed at disceming consumers who appreciate fine design and are increasingly attentive to quality and energy saving. Tubes can satisfy this demand with heating elements whose aesthetic and technical features were created to enhance the style and functionality of any interior design.

Radiators, towel warmers, and fireplaces: warmth enters the home in numerous ways and in innovative forms, the expression of research, engineering and design View producer website

Antrax IT

Antrax IT — is specialized in the production of radiators and fireplaces — has made quality its primary goal, using cutting-edge production technology and internationally renowned designers like Andrea Crosetta, Dante O. Benini e Luca Gonzo, Francesco Lucchese, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Simone Micheli and Peter Rankin.

And this focus has been rewarded by great results, not only in terms of market and sales — in just four years the brand achieved international acclaim and the product lines multiplied — but also by the official recognition of the international design community, as demonstrated by the special distinctions and prizes awarded to its products, during prestigious Italian and foreign events. View producer website